@withregram@__foxracer__ Best ever backpack purchase in my lifetime .. 🥰😍🤩
Thanks alot @carbonadoindia for such an awesome backpack.
*Usefull for bikers and travellers
Bag includes charging port both in and out .. headphone jack… Charging port …
*Special compartment for keep water/bev hot or cold “3 laptop compartment .. *several small compartment for our small gadgets
*Sunglass compartment *Atm card compartment
*Cable locking *Waterproof + raincover
Quality ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
Spec ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
Safety ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
V/f 💰 ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
Look ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Thank you @anigallary we are truly happy that you are diggin the GT2
Posted @withregram@anigallary#carbonadogt2 One of the best tech backpacks i have ever used, it has the huge space for carrying the tech stuffs what a techie 🤪 wants to carry. 😋
@carbonadoindia really done a great job for creating such a premium and eye-catching backpack.😋

We’re really loving the way you guys have been customising your Carbonado GT2s. Check out domescut’s customisation of our signature hardshell.
Express what you want to. Represent yourself with the GT2. @withregram@domescut So officially we have done a custom signature for my rider name and yes it looks super sexy in the best tech bag.

Oh, just a little Canvas called Carbonado GT2 to make your own! Check out amit’s epic decal work on his GT2.
The GT2’s signature hardshell is a blank canvas for you to express yourself visually.
@withregram@amit_ruless My VERSION OF CARBONADO BAG @carbonadoindia #carbonadoindia@100kmphofficial #100kmph#carbonado


#reposting@mr_apache_ The happiest people are the GIVERS, not the TAKERS.

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I guess you can say we pack a whole lot of freedom in a backpack!! Posted @withrepost@nikhil.saxena_ AAZADI
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Carbonado… a tribe of its own! Thanks for the epic terminology, @josu1516
Posted @withrepost@josu1516 We are who we are – We Are The Carbonadians

There’s no limit to where an adventure can take you. We’ve built the GT2 to defy all limits so that your adventure can truly be limitless!
Posted @withrepost • @_jack_0_3 Pic credit: Mr.Motorrad
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Words of wisdom!! Let’s just leave it at that.
@withrepost • @mr_triple_spark The Toes You Step On Today,
May Be Connected To The Boot In Your ‘Ass’ Tomorrow !

We’re diggin’ the food but what we’re really loving is the message that @josu1516 ‘s Portokal Carbonado is conveying!

Our best wishes @gearupvichu have a safe ride.
Posted @withrepost • @gearupvichu ✈️To Malaysia for #XbhpDominarGreatAsianOdyssey

The definition of true love. Enjoy your #carbonado @raghuvanshi_yogita Posted @withrepost • @raghuvanshi_yogita Once i find a bag that I love, I wear it always & this time i’ve literally found my LOVE❤ in @carbonadoindia bags
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Skin on point 👌🏻Posted @withrepost • @dumkaamit

Here’s wishing you all the best on what looks to be a solid tour.
@withrepost • @mountainmandg On the way to Hampi
Still a long way to go before I reach delhi
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Your all day everyday adventure partner #carbonado
Posted @withrepost • @anujkamalgoel “I do believe it was time for another adventure.”

#repost @withrepost • @mr_turbowolf My new riding partner @carbonadoindia GT2

World’s first hybrid tech bag.

Shot in: @oneplus_7pro
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This is what ‘being your own sunshine’ means! An amazing photo indeed.
Posted @withrepost • @high_heels_motorcyclist Remember You are the One who can fill the World With Sunshine☀️ Shot on @oneplus_india Captured by @shuttervedi during @xbhp
#xBhpDominarGreatAsianOdyssey 11Countries Roadtrip from #Delhi to #Singapore and #Srilanka , Lucky Me and #Mr.Black ! to be part of this epic journey from Delhi to Kathmandu and covered 2 Countries,India ☑️ Nepal ☑️
Almost 1300Kms on beautiful @bajajdominar with perfect accelaration @castrolbiking and #MRFRevz @mrfcorporate
Thank you @xBhp @themotographer for this adventourous and most memorable roadtrip as a Core Team.
Route : Delhi – Agra – Lucknow – Lumbini – Bandipur – Kathmandu -Delhi
Now Team #xBhp is in country #4 #Myanmar and Heading towards Country #5 #thailand

I,The Biker | We,The Power
#highheelsmotorcyclist #xBhp #carbonado #carbonadogt

Vantage point – Check. Carbonado – Check.
Climb that hill, because we’ve got your back. • @rajput7305 ☮️

Hover Box Element

The majestic outdoors! @mr_triple_spark and his Carbonado out in the great wide open!
Posted @withrepost • @mr_triple_spark Being In My Own Wonderland ❣️

A journey is all about looking onwards. At Carbonado, we’ve got your back throughout the journey, so now, look onwards with confidence…and get going.
@akshays244 sends us this pic of the amazing view from #gwaliorfort

Sometimes, you have to get a little lost to be able to find yourself.
P.C @niku17

When colour coordination is done in style! Posted @withrepost • @jsfilmsindia Red is the color of YouTube… ;p

The ‘art’ of photography (pun intended) by @rajput7305 with his trusty Carbonado Hybrid Techpack right by his side.

🤘🏻Posted @withrepost • @abilashberry_07 I don’t know where I’m going, but I promise it won’t be boring….

No matter the gear, Carbonado is built to carry them all. We can confidently say that photographers and tech enthusiasts need to look no further! Check out the gear that @santy.mobipicgram carries in his Carbonado. #whatsinyourcarbonado ? #flatlay
Posted @withrepost • @santy.mobipicgram My Tech bagpack 😍.

It’s win-win when the bike and backpack co-exist in colour! Back-in-black! @_ianirudh_ shares this with us .

Carbonado, always got your back!
Posted @withrepost@niku17Right when I was looking to get a backpack for rides, I heard about @carbonadoindia bag via @xbhp. A backpack on a league of its own. Love it. #xbhp #xbhpchennai#carbonado #backpack #hjc#hjchelmets #rpha #rpha11#venom #marvel #bmw#bmwmotorrad #red#bmwmotorindia#bmwgsexperience18 #rossocorsa


We’ve got skins to go with what tickles your fancy!
Check out @niteshvasa’s epic Captain America Suit logo skin.
Make #carbonado your own today. Click on link in bio to see our wide range of skins.
#customise #makeyourown#superhero #carbonado

Carbonado on stage with @nareshnathan777 of #theraghudixitproject in Almaty, Kazakhstan during the band’s sound check for #thespiritoftengri Carbonado GT, a ‘sound’ companion on stage as well!

Felt extremely proud to seep through Singapore ,which is considered rather difficult to enter with foreign vehicles,went through an 8 hour struggle and a rigorous process but it was worth every hurdle.Rode across extravagant skyscrapers and beautiful flower conservatories an incredible match of nature and man made

Thanks @carbonadoindia For This Amazing Bag which Come with Back Protector loaded with Charging Slot And safe laptop cumpartme individual cumpartment for sunglasses and impressively come with Waterproof Cover
aerodynamic The biker’s backpack which have awesome  steadiness and good comfort looks so cool too 👌😎👍

Right back at you! Happy New Year …but that skin though… that’s something else indeed. @withrepost • @harshal__gawand Its the best time of the year. Don’t you agree?
I’m sure that the folks at @carbonadoindia would definitely agree with me! Its because I’m having a good time arranging stuff in my itinerary with my compact bagpack from @carbonadoindia ❤️ It not only looks gorgeous but is the right choice for this holiday season!!
Also, wish you all a very happy new year 🔥 2019 was fun💯 #travelphotography #bagpacks #carbanado #adventure #carbonadogt #carbonadogt2

It looks like a very good morning indeed. Have an awesome ride.
@withrepost • @niku17 The trademark Megamalai Morning scene…

A momentous occasion indeed for @racerchick_11 and the xbhp dominar great Asian Odyssey. And as always, we’re both proud and thrilled to be a part of this epic journey as the official backpack partner.

The Great Indian Odyssey has progressed to Malaysia and Singapore! Here’s the latest from @racerchick_11 herself.
@withrepost • @racerchick_11 Ending this year with a banger international ride, joining the #xbhpdominargreatasianodyssey @xbhp,saddled up to ride from malaysia to singapore across the mesmerising old streets to the modern marina bay, extremely overwhelmed as would be riding an indian made motorcycle the extremely capable @bajajdominar powered by @castrolbiking and @mrfcorporate , protected by @rynoxgears @carbonadoindia @axor.helmets