The quintessential messenger bag for you!

Carbonado™ Envoy 14

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Carbonado™ Envoy 16

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Carbonado™ Envoy 14 Pro

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Carbonado™ Envoy 16 Pro

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The standard edition Envoy comes with the reliable Clip-Lock strap mechanism with a length-adjustable strap.

We’ve fitted the Envoy Pro with quick-release multi-award-winning Fidlock® magnetic technology locks from Germany that lock onto length-adjustable straps with wide shoulder padding for ultimate comfort.

The Carbonado Envoy – For the not-a-backpack-kind-of person, this is the perfect alternative, allowing you to place and remove gear and supplies with ease, with the option of moving it to the side of the body for accessibility that’s otherwise unheard-of. The quintessential carryall – for the quintessential you!

We designed the Envoy to be highly customisable with regards to storage with the use of a velcro membrane within, which allows you to fasten some of our Impact Cases onto it.

Envoy is composed of 900D reverse fabric with a state-of-the-art design for optimum storage and wearability. The fact that it comes in two different sizes, based on your storage requirement, and in two variants is to allow you to find your perfect fit. It’s quick-release Fidlock straps, ergonomically placed top handle and overall form factor make it the messenger bag that all other bags aspire to be!


Our Impact Cases are accessories that are meant to keep your gear secure, while allowing them the option to be housed into our larger production organisers and bags.

Carbonado™ Impact Case

Hard Drive

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Shipment starts 3 weeks after the 1st of May

Carbonado™ Impact Case


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Shipment starts 3 weeks after the 1st of May